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Gun licence ruling awaited

THE Constitutional Court will on February 8 have the final say on laws regarding the renewal of firearm licences. This comes after the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria’s, groundbreaking judgment, in which Judge Ronel Tolmay declared two sections of the Firearms Control...

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Legally Armed “App”

Ons  is baie opgewonde om ons eie “APP” aan julle bekend te stel. Julle kan dit op Playstore gaan aflaai gratis en verniet. Die van julle wat reeds van ons “Sms reminder “ sisteem gebruik maak, kan dan sommer hulle vuurwapen lisensies op hulle selfone en tablette...

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When to shoot or not?

When am I allowed to act in self-defence and how much force may I use? This is a complicated question and there is no easy answer. The principle of self-defence (or more correctly private defence) has long been recognised by our common law and courts. However,...

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Gebruik jy `n geloofwaardige instansie?

Hoekom is dit belangrik om van `n geloofwaardige instansie gebruik te maak wanneer jy hulp soek met jou vuurwapen lisensie aansoek. Why is it important to make use of a credible business when you apply for a firearm licence. Voornemende vuurwapen lisensie aansoekers...

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Need to be legally armed?

We will get your firearm licence legally and ensure that it is not a process to get frustrated with.

Legally Armed Brag Wall

Legally Armed in South Africa, with more than 21 branches nationally can with certainty brag that they have successfully licensed more than 34 000 applications. Making Legally Armed one of the most successful and prominent firearm licence consultants in South Africa.

Variety of Professionals

Legally Armed consist of professionals from different industries bringing great value to the type of services Legally Armed offers. The professionals ready to serve Legally Armed clients come from different backgrounds such as: attorneys, labour brokers, finacial consultants, real estate agents etc.

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