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Legally Armeds' head office is situated in Bloemfontein with 24 Franchisee's and Agents in South Africa to assist in all your firearm related administration services.


Legally Armed is a franchise business with the purpose of providing a one-stop service with regards to the administration of the Firearms Control Act. We would like to make it simpler for the general public and entities to comply with the requirements of the Act.


Johan Martin, because of his police background, has always been interested to find a niche as an attorney to specialise in a venture in which he would feel familiar with, and therefore established this business during 2004.Legally Armed weapon renewals Legally Armed was then franchised and we currently have 21 offices country wide, with more to come!

We have since establish ourselves as a group of people who do not “stand back” for any challenge coming our way in this field, such as, amongst others, the motivation of any type of application, appeal procedure, or to represent the alleged negligent firearm owner at an administrative action by a police tribunal in their effort to declare such a person unfit to possess a firearm/s.

The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000 (Act no. 3 of 2000) and the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act no. 2 of 2000) regulate administrative decisions taken by the State. We are aware of the fact that the Central Firearm Control Register (“the Registrar”)  frequently makes controversial decisions that frustrates and will be detrimental to you! We are the market leader.


Na `n aantal jare is die Wet steeds in sy kinderskoene en het, soos verwag, ook sy deel van kontroversie gehad, soos verpligte vuurwapen kursusse, polisie bevoegdheid, en die plig om alle lisensies, pemitte en magtigings te hernu.

Die Wet is uniek, omvattend, uitvoerbaar en afdwingbaar in `n moderne eerste wêreld land.

Daar is baie positiewe aspekte deurdat daar beter beheer is oor die wettige besit van vuurwapens deur jan alleman en geleenthede geskep is deur die Wet, by wyse van lidmaatskap aan `n verskeidenheid polisie geakkrediteerde sport verenigings wat tans gesonde wedywering het om hulle ledetal op te bou.

Daar is voorsiening vir `n wye spektrum van besighede wat vuurwapens mag lisensiëer, wat insluit die proses van formele akkreditasie van `n entiteit by die polisie met die doel om besigheidsvuurwapens te besit.

Daar is ook beperkte uitkoms vir mense met vorige veroordelings om vuurwapens te besit, met sekere vereistes in die Wet.

Voldoende motivering vir die besit van vuurwapens staan sentraal as die standaard vir die uitreik van enige vuurwapen lisensie, permit of magtiging.

Legally Armed, bygestaan deur Martin & de Beer Prokureurs, het sedert sy ontstaan in 2004 reeds duisende kliënte met ons gebruikersvriendelikke administratiewe prosesse gehelp om vuurwapens te bekom en daar is `n tak naby u! Ons hoofkantoor is in Bloemfontein.

Ons is werklik die markleier in die industrie.

Ons wil u graag op ons webwerf inlig oor ons spesialis dienste, nuutste verwikkelinge en natuurlik die kontak besonderhede van ons verskillende takke in die land.


The Act is only a few years old and has had, as expected, its controversy, such as to undergo firearm courses, police competency and the obligation to renew all licenses, permits and authorizations.

The Act is unique, comprehensive, manageable and enforceable in a modern first world country.

There are positive aspects such as better control over the legal possession of firearms by civilians and opportunities to enhance same, through membership at a wide range of police accredited sport associations who have healthy competition amongst each other to recruit members.

The Act makes provision for a variety of businesses to license firearms, which includes the formal accreditation of an entity with the police with the aim to possess business firearms.

There is even scope for people to obtain licenses having previous convictions, within certain limits.

Sufficient motivation to possess a firearm stands central as the standard for the issuing of any firearm license, permit or authorization.

Legally Armed, assisted by Martin & De Beer Inc. Attorneys, since its’ inception, has helped thousands of clients with our user friendly administration system to possess firearms and we have a branch near you! Our head office is in Bloemfontein.

We are truly the market leader in the industry.

On this website we will keep you informed of our specialized services, latest developments and of course the contact details of our branches country wide.

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