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Sighting In A Hunting Rifle

(By DD Venter)As soon as a hunting rifle is purchased, it is nowadays usually fitted with a telescope.Now this piece of technology often is a huge cause of headaches when attempts are made to zero or sight in the new telescope and rifle.To give us a...

Hoe werk die vuurwapenlisensiëringproses?

Die algemene opvatting is dat die proses om ‘n vuurwapenlisensie te bekom baie ingewikkeld is. Gevolglik is mense skrikkerig om vuurwapens aan te koop.Die proses is in werklikheid relatief eenvoudig.Voordat jy ‘n vuurwapen in Suid-Afrika kan besit, moet jy eers bevoeg...

Defense Holster Checklist.

Previously we shared thoughts on the use of a shotgun, handguns, training and modifications.As we work with firearm motivations we do know the risks our clients are facing and we do encourage them to carry their defensive firearms.Some of our proudest moments are when...

We can help with this

Click on this video to see what Paul Ehlers in Legally Armed Sandton can assist you with.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+Legally Armed Sandton serves customers in the Sandton area and surroundings. As experienced members of the Legally Armed group, we offer our clients...

Ascertain Your Firearm Is Not On List To Be Destroyed

Dear member, The National Commissioner of Police on 6 March 2019 in Government Gazette Number 42284 indicated SAPS' intention to on 28 March 2019, destroy a number of firearms and parts of firearms, which have been handed in with them. We urge members to...


Any firearm owner will admit that the best SMS to receive will be: SAPS msg: License Ref xxxxxx caliber xxxxxx s/n xxxxxx was approved. The worst message will be the same, but ending with the word “refused”. The fact is some applications are not approved. The CFR does...

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