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FACTS THAT EVERY FIREARMS OWNER AND PERSPECTIVE FIREARMS OWNER SHOULD TAKE COGNISANCE OF   Dealers all over South Africa are presently faced with the same frustration when it comes to firearms which are bought by them to sell to prospective firearms owners to be...

Why should you use legally armed?

Legally Armed is a franchise with the purpose of providing a one-stop service with regards to the administration of the Firearms Control Act, making it simpler for the general public and entities to comply with the requirements of the act.The Firearms Control Act (Act...

Testing a New Concealed-Carry Gun. (By DD Venter)

Whether you bought your first self-defense firearm or when you change to a different firearm for defensive purposes, it is important to remember this change does not only mean holstering the new firearm and using it as a firearm to stake your life on right from the...

Dedicated Members Non-Compliance

As regular dedicated sport shooters or dedicated hunters who have been members of an accredited organization, we dread the communication informing us we are non-compliant, and failed to maintain our dedicated status at our organization for the past year. As dedicated...

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