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Testing a New Concealed-Carry Gun. (By DD Venter)

Whether you bought your first self-defense firearm or when you change to a different firearm for defensive purposes, it is important to remember this change does not only mean holstering the new firearm and using it as a firearm to stake your life on right from the...

Dedicated Members Non-Compliance

As regular dedicated sport shooters or dedicated hunters who have been members of an accredited organization, we dread the communication informing us we are non-compliant, and failed to maintain our dedicated status at our organization for the past year. As dedicated...

Expired firearm licence update

Social media such as Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages, as well as radio and newspapers are our main sources of information. Although we have these media at our disposal, we must be weary of the fact that these can be misused and abused by the wrong people in terms...

One Association for all!

SA Wingshooters Association is truly the one association for all shooting disciplines. With us you can do it all. We offer shooting events and venues in all divisions, including shotgun, rifle, handgun, semi-auto rifle, long range target shooting and tactical 3-gun...

Oplossing kom dalk vir wapeneienaars

Lisensies: Oplossing kom dalk vir wapeneienaars | Netwerk24 06 November 2018 14:37 Llewellyn Prince ’n Oplossing kom dalk vir die meer as 400 000 Suid-Afrikaners wat tans onwettig in besit van hul vuurwapens is omdat hulle ingevolge bestaande wetgewing nie...

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