As an established business with 23 offices country wide Legally Armed is aware of the fact that firearm owners would like a system that would remind them when their firearm licences, certificates and / or permits need to be renewed. By law your renewal application must be submitted 90 days before the license, certificate and / or Legally Armed SMS Reminder Buttonpermit expires.

We developed an on-line program wherein you as a firearm owner, for a minimal fee, can register all your licenses, certificates and / or permits yourself with the expiry dates of same. The program will then send you an e-mail 150 days-, and a sms 120 days before expiry date to remind you to renew your license, certificate and / or permit. You as owner can now administrate en take control of your firearm licenses, certificates and / or permits and manage the renewal process with this program.

We know that the SAPS do send renewal sms-reminders but in most of the cases these reminders are send after such license, certificate and / or permit has expired.   Here now, is your tool to manage the renewal process yourself to keep it legal. Go and register al your firearms, certificates and /or permits now!

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