As regular dedicated sport shooters or dedicated hunters who have been members of an accredited organization, we dread the communication informing us we are non-compliant, and failed to maintain our dedicated status at our organization for the past year.

As dedicated members of an organization we should be well aware what is the requirements to maintain our dedicated status, I would just like to discuss what course of action to take should you be non-compliant for the past activity year.

  • First of all do make sure all your events were in fact booked, it’s so easy to forget that night shoot presented by the neighboring club is not automatically booked. Go and verify your activities, make sure every organized event attended is booked as such and not as an informal load developing event.
  • Remember some organizations log members in on PC and tablets at their events and profiles are then updated online, some other organizations which have events contributing to your yearly activities does not have this facility and such attendance need to be manually submitted by the member himself on his online profile.
  • Even after the warning communication most organization allows corrections and booking of events in arrears.
  • Do remember final proof of an activity is the responsibility of the member.

Any of the above may be in effect the last activity needed to maintain your status.

  • Lastly if you finally have a situation that you are non-compliant, do contact your organization, explain the situation and if possible submit a non-compliance submission before your dedicated status is suspended.

Dedicated status is maintained with dedicated compliance!

Special thanks to our source – DD Venter

From our Legally Armed Volksrust Branch for making this available to us.

Dirk Venter

Legally Armed Volksrust

Legally Armed Volksrust

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