We have a variety of accredited sport and hunting organizations in South Africa who promotes sport shooting, hunting and conservation. Apart from promoting the relevant sport or activities of the specific organization, all of these associations strive to be beneficial to their members.

There are various levels of participation in activities, which allow different categories of participation, coupled to certain benefits allowed within the law when requirements are met.

The Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) was a step forward in allowing Dedicated Sport and Dedicated Hunter status to be awarded to compliant members of accredited associations.

The core of any club or association is its members. When we do look at members, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst members who have been active in their respective field for a considerable time.

Promoting activities.

All of these associations strive to be beneficial to their members, by promoting activities, developing participants and keeping records of scores, participation and awarding recognition. In some cases National or Provincial colors can be awarded to members and even on a club level excellent results are held in high regard.

The part often missed is the various programs to promote junior participation and the improvement and growth opportunities offered within the association. 

In terms of training various in house and other out sourced training is available to members, when any new course is available the various association’s members are usually the first to know, making bookings easier.

The same associations are represented on an official forum liaising directly with the SAPD CFR, where concerns and member queries are often resolved. In more than one case the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association even took the SAPD to court on their own cost, purely to defend their member’s firearm rights.   


There are various levels of participation in activities, you as a member can be involved from an informal basis, as and when it suits you, up to a formal basis like the dedicated members who is required to achieve a minimum level of participation annually in order to maintain their status.

Remember also any event is a learning opportunity to improve you and to become more proficient with any of the firearms used during an event.


The Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) allows Dedicated Sport and Dedicated Hunter status to be awarded to members of accredited associations.

The main benefit is, dedicated members in good standing are allowed to own more than four firearms, and they may own semi-automatic firearms and the 200 round ammunition limit per license are no longer applicable.

With associations endorsing firearms for accredited activities, coupled with a proven record of participation, applications to either buy a new firearm, or to renew a license is given much more substance.

Giving it more value is the fact the 100 rounds you used the past weekend at an accredited shoot, adds value to your profile with a captured attendance register, verified score, with a ranking system to allow classification of a member.

In laymen’s terms it means it’s easier to motivate your upgrade from your .303 British Lee- Enfield to a new 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle if you have the evidence to prove the need.


The core of any club or association is its members, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective field and they have spent a considerable amount of time and effort pursuing their passion.

You have members who participated their whole lifetime, competed around the globe or some of whom you least expect it, travelled the world in their hunting quests.

Even in a small club a few hundred thousand rounds are shot every year, and you as member have access to the knowledge gained from everybody’s participation, and experience. Who better to ask advice on equipment, reloading, hunting venues, cartridge selection, outdoor gear and more?

The best part is in over 30 years of shooting, I was always welcomed at any club, encouraged to participate and usually asked to join!

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Dirk Venter

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