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The National Commissioner of Police on 6 March 2019 in Government Gazette Number 42284 indicated SAPS’ intention to on 28 March 2019, destroy a number of firearms and parts of firearms, which have been handed in with them.

We urge members to ascertain that firearms they have handed in with SAPS for only safe keeping, are not included on the list of firearms and firearm parts to be destroyed.

If your firearm is on the list, and you don’t want it destroyed because it is with SAPS for safe keeping, you may within 21 days after the issue of the Gazette direct written presentation to the Registrar of the CFR why you would not want to have the firearm destroyed and why you would want it back.

Members can find the list for destruction on the SAPS website.  Copy and paste the following web address into your browser’s address line to access the list – https://www.saps.gov.za/resource_centre/notices/notices_firearm_destr.php

Please also refresh your memory re the fact that you may ask your firearm back if it was handed in with SAPS after the Constitutional Court’s decision of 7 June 2018.  See NHSA Newsletters Vol. 14(17) of 08-06-2018 and Vol. 14(27) of 11-08-2018 in this regard.

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Bernu van den Heever

Legally Armed Head Office

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