You may be aware that Fred Camphor of SA Hunters participated in a public colloquium on the evening of 29 April 2019, where he had an opportunity to put questions to the President relating to the Minister of Police’s recent statement about his wish for the disarmament of South African civilians.  Fred also referred to the current disarray re firearm licensing experienced at the Central Firearms Registry.

While the President stated that he wishes that there will one day be a peaceful South Africa where there will be no need for civilian possession of firearms for self-defence, or indeed even the possession of firearms by the police, he also made it clear that he recognises the legitimacy of self-defence firearms in the current environment of rampant crime.

The President further went on to state that he wishes to have a dialogue re firearms, which will include all firearms related associations. The President also stated that the disarray at the CFR needs to be addressed.

At NHSA we welcome the President’s recognition of the need for legal ownership of self-defence firearms and look forward to a future engagement with him re all aspects of legal firearm ownership.  NHSA, together with various other associations will in the meantime be preparing for any official interaction in this regard.

Credits: National Hunting and Shooting Association

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