How do I benefit as a Legally Armed client? 

More than often we are asked what service do Legally Armed provide and what is the benefit?

We get asked this question so often, so much so, that all our advertisement is in fact a summary of services provided – the bottom line is however, your application or any other service rendered by Legally Armed, would get done by a professional team, specializing in the Fire Arms Control Act who knows the pitfalls to be avoided in order to assist our clients.

Legally Armed as a group have immense legal and practical knowledge.

Sport shooters, firearm instructors, hunters, lawyers, a ballistician, ex – senior police officers and various other qualified staff  makes up a diverse group, with widespread knowledge which is shared among the various branches, this knowledge enables us to assist our clients and resolve issues regarding the Fire Arms Control Act.

More than often on social media we still see friends offering their motivation to a friend, or a DIY motivation which may or may not work, being made available online.

In fact, this can be compared to having your new car serviced by your friend on a Saturday morning, or the accountant fixing his geyser over the weekend – it may work, may not work at all, or it usually ends up with a professional who would correct the damage done and would provide a guarantee with the service rendered.

Did it ever dawn on you your friend’s application although successful, may no longer be relevant in terms of changes affected in the Fire Arms Control Act or directives issued by the SAPD, or you may even be better qualified than him/her in terms of activity or dedicated status? That’s beside the point that no individuals circumstances, use, requirements and motivation to own a firearm for any purpose is exactly the same.

With Legally Armed as knowledgeable group sharing information, it is known to us what work, and more importantly, what does not work at all!

By Volksrust Legally Armed.

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Dirk Venter

Dirk Venter

Legally Armed Volksrust

Legally Armed Volksrust serves customers in the towns and districts of Volksrust, Newcastle, Ladysmith, Utrecht and Dundee.

As experienced members of the Legally Armed group we offer our clients the opportunity to resolve all firearm related issues and assist with enquiries regarding licensing of any firearm, whether needed for self-defense, hunting, sport shooting or business purposes.

Send e-mail to ronel@legallyarmed.co.za

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