The current amnesty period have reached it’s halfway mark. Thus, there is only 3 months left to make use of the amnesty. Legally Armed has a national foot print with 29 offices and therefore get a lot of questions regarding the amnesty. Here under are some of the most relevant questions with answers as we as a group sees it and advise our clients.

  • Is it safe to hand in my firearm and re-apply?

This is a difficult question to answer considering the track record of SAPS. But remember SAPS know that they are being watch closely, so we believe that they will do everything in their power to safely store your firearm when handed in.

  • What will happen after amnesty if I don’t make use of the amnesty?

The Con Court judgement is in place. Thus, if the GOSA court case don’t have a favourable outcome you will be in possession of an illegal firearm. This can have serious consequences for you as a firearm owner.

You can be charged being in possession of a illegal firearm, because you did not make use of the amnesty to get your firearm legal again.

You can also be declared unfit to posses a firearm, because of the possession of a illegal firearm. Thus you can loose all your other firearms.

While the court case of GOSA is pending, you cannot apply for other firearms because CFR has started refusing applications where the applicant has an expired firearm.

You must hand in your firearm if the GOSA court case doesn’t have a favourable outcome.

  • Can I change from a Section 13(expired) firearm license to Section 15 or 16?

Yes. When you hand in your firearm under amnesty, it is removed from your name. Therefore you have the chance to apply under any Section of the Act you want, because you will lodge a new application for the firearm and not a renewal application.

This however seems to differ from province to province. So just find out from your local DFO.

  • What happens when SAPS refuse my application under amnesty?

If your new application under amnesty is refused, you will still be able to lodge an appeal. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to do a good motivation so that if the application is refused, you can lodge an appeal that will have a good chance of success. If none of the above is successful your firearm will be forfeited to SAPS to be destroyed.


Hope this will help all the persons with expired firearm licenses to make an informed decision. There are many other questions and answers but this is the most relevant for now. If you have any other questions regarding the amnesty, please feel free to contact any of our branches, https://legallyarmed.co.za/contact/legally-armed-branches/ , or send an e-mail to infohq@legallyarmed.co.za

And please don’t wait until the last week of May to start with the process!!

Legally Armed greetings.

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Bernu van den Heever

Legally Armed Head Office

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