Many South Africans are asking the same question regarding firearm ownership lately. And the answer is yes. Yes, it is possible to become a firearm owner under the current laws of South Africa.

Individuals thinking about becoming a legal firearm owner will however have to take into account it is a strict, time consuming process.

The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 intends: to establish a comprehensive and an effective system of firearms control; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

What does that mean for you and me? In layman term, there are plenty of hoops to jump through before you can legally own a firearm.

So, you might ask, where do I start? Do I head to the local gun shop and purchase my firearm?

No, it is best to think of this process in three steps. Step one, being your proficiency training. Step two, applying for your competency certificate with SAPS. And step three, applying for your firearm license.

What is proficiency training?

Before you can be declared competent to own a firearm, you will have to do a training course and pass the required examination about Firearm Control Act and the type of firearm you wish to own. There are four types of firearms you can apply for, handgun, shotgun, manually loaded rifle and self-loading rifle.

Your training must be completed with an accredited training facility with the necessary accreditations from SAPS. Once completed you will be awarded a proficiency training certificate and statement of results.

Visit your nearest gun shop and enquire about the local training facilities in your area.

That is step one.

Once you’ve got your proficiency training certificate and statement of results, you can apply for you competency certificate with SAPS. Legally Armed can assist you with this step of the process and compile all the necessary documents for you. The Firearms Control Act states that every application received will be approved or declined in 90 working days.

After you have received your competency certificate, step two is completed.

With your competency certificate from SAPS, you can apply for your firearm license.

Firstly, you’ll need to decide which firearm you want to acquire. It can be bought from a dealer, private individual or be part of your inheritance or a gift. As long as it is legal or has a valid license, it can be transferred into your name.

With the firearm information, Legally Armed can help you to apply for the license. We take full ownership of the process and compiles a comprehensive application with the correct SAPS forms, the motivation showing your need for the firearm and all the supporting documents needed for a successful application.

Once again, the Firearms Control Act states that every application received will be approved or declined in 90 working days.

And just like that step three is complete and you are well on your way to be a legal firearm owner.

Things to consider when starting the process is what type of firearm you might want to own over time and completing the necessary training first up as you do not want to repeat step one every time you buy a different type of firearm.

Also, the type of firearm license you apply for is very important. Section 13 is a self-defense license and only valid for five years, where section 15 is an occasional hunter and sport shooter license that is valid for ten years. You are allowed to defend yourself with any firearm, irrespective of the license type, the only other difference between Section 13 & 15 is that you are allowed to store your self-defense firearm in a loaded capacity.

Lastly, it is always advisable to join an organisation like The National Hunter and Shooting Association and your local shooting range, as it helps to prove your need for the firearm.

Contact your local Legally Armed branch for more information about becoming a first time firearm owner or if you need any assistance with your current firearms.

Legally Armed Overberg

Danie Calitz

Legally Armed Overberg


L.A. Overberg can assist you with all the admin and motivations needed for a new, renewal, amnesty or competency application

Additional Information

L.A. Overberg forms part of the L.A. network of 30 agencies across South Africa.
In the past 15 years L.A. have successfully processed over 70 000 applications with SAPS.
At L.A. we have the intellectual property to assist you with any aspect of the law to help you.

L.A. is in association with Martin & De Beer Inc in Bloemfontein and headed by Johan Martin.
These services include:

    We type, motivate, bind and guarantee your license making use of the relevant supporting documents.
    At L.A. we ensure the application process is not a burden to you.
    L.A. also renders a service to other attorneys in applications, estate firearms, appeals etc.


Legally Armed Overberg is owned and managed by Danie Calitz. Contact me directly on 0820977055 or danie@legallyarmed.co.za

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