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Going to the shooting range and to shoot a firearm the first time in your life can be a daunting prospect.

I quoted Julie Golob a professional shooter and the S&W Shooting Team Captain on some excellent tips for the first time shooter.

As a seasoned professional shooter, team captain as well as a coach, she does give a fresh perspective on the first round you are going to fire from a firearm in your life!



GUNSMARTS: 10 Tips for Your First Time on the Range

August 28, 2020

“If you’ve never shot a gun before and aren’t sure what to expect, let me set your mind at ease. First, it’s totally normal to be excited, nervous, and maybe even a little apprehensive. Shooting for the first time is not unlike riding a roller coaster. Chances are you’ll have a good amount of time to think about it all.

Heading to the theme park and waiting in line for the ride is not unlike driving to the range and walking up to the firing line. Time will seem to slow down as you climb into the roller coaster seat and get buckled in, or when you’re at the range, uncasing your firearm, grasping it safely and loading it.

At this point, you’re committed and the coaster’s wheels are chugging up that steep incline. The feeling can be the same as you line up the sights and begin to press the trigger. Like that twisty, intense trip of loops, drops, and spirals, shooting is a thrilling adventure for so many, but where you’re along for the ride at the amusement park when you shoot, you can learn to challenge yourself and set goals for hitting your target all while you’re having a great time too!

10 tips for making the most of your first time shooting

  1. Learn the basic rules of firearm safety BEFORE you shoot.
  2. Go with a friend or loved one.
  3. Wear proper eye and ear protection.
  4. Double up on hearing protection wearing both earplugs and earmuffs.
  5. Shoot a .22 caliber (rim fire) firearm first.
  6. Set your target up at a close distance to start.
  7. Load just 1 round (bullet) into your firearm for your first shot.
  8. Pay attention to how you feel.
  9. Save your target and share it with those special to you!
  10. When finished wash any exposed skin with cold, soapy water.

Most of all, for your first time at the range, your goal is to simply…

Be safe and have fun!

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Dirk Venter

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