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YOU OUT THERE! Do you know the consequences if you are not geared to take up this specialized legal battle?

As messenger of the court, bailiff, executor, administrator, trustee, curator or liquidator of the estate of a person who possess a firearm or ammunition, you must take steps to ensure the safe custody of the firearm and ammunition and store the firearms and ammunition in a storage facility as prescribed in regulation 86.

Legally Armed SA in association with Legally Armed business group originated from a study showing the alarming fact that thousands of estate firearms are still floating on the Police Data System kept by the Registrar at the Central Firearms Registry in Pretoria.

Legally Armed had numerous inquiries in the last five years from estate file handlers, attorneys and other appointed executors as to what the legal consequences will be if they, even after five years, sign application forms (again) to change ownership of estate firearms from the deceased name to the heir or other applicant, or to destroy, deactivate etc.

It so happen that the easy way out for the executor was to advice the heir that this asset has to be handed in to the police to be destroyed, in so losing valuable assets, our heritage! In this way the estate file is closed without hassles to the satisfaction of the file handlers and the Master of the High Court.

Another headache was when all has been done in terms of the law by the estate file handler in issuing the necessary application forms and even storage permits to the heir or an applicant, only to loose control over what happens with the said firearms afterwards.

The crux of the matter was to provide a legal flow chart to change the ownership of the estate firearm, destroy it, deactivate it, take it on stock efficiently and in a short time frame before the estate file is closed by the Master of the High Court. That we have done successfully.

We have signed service level agreements with corporate clients and an accredited transporter of firearms.

We are proud to announce that we have captured the essence to provide a hassle free legal service to you as messenger of the court, bailiff, executor, administrator, trustee, curator or liquidator of an estate of a person who possess a firearm or ammunition.

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