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    Firearm Applications & Motivations
    Legally Armed
    Providing a one-stop service with regards to the administration of the Firearms Control Act.
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    Insurance for the Outdoorsman
    Legally Armed Insure
    An Insurance Product designed for the Outdoorsman and Hunting Enthusiast.


Legally Armed is a franchise business providing a one-stop service to the public in general concerning the administration of the Firearms Control Act. We attempt to make the application processes, amongst other services, simpler to comply with the requirements of the Act.

Since established in 2004, we have grown as a group of competent and committed people with many years of experience in this field related to the Firearms Control Act to assist the public and entities with whatever requirements/challenges, from the simplest to the most complex. Our services in this field, amongst others, includes the motivation of any type of application, renewals, appeal procedure, or to represent the alleged negligent firearm owner at an administrative action by a police tribunal in their effort to declare such a person unfit to possess a firearm/s.

Legally Armed Insure

The Field and Stream Policy is the first in South Africa - A unique Insurance Product designed for the Outdoorsman and Hunting Enthusiast.

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About Legally Armed

Legally Armed is a franchise business with the purpose of providing a one-stop service with regards to the administration of the Firearms Control Act.

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Click on below to get get the closest branch to you, of whom will be able to assist you regarding Firearm licencing, applications, motivations or appeals.

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Renewal or New Applications

We assist in completing applications for renewal or new applications. Also do appeals and legal matters pertaining to these matters.

Insolvent or Deceased Estate

Disposal of firearms in Insolvent of Deceased Estates.

Services rendered to Attorneys

Legally Armed also renders a service to other attorneys in Applications, Estate Firearms, Appeals, etc.

Legally Armed Insure

The Field and Stream Policy is the first in South Africa - A unique Insurance Product designed for the Outdoorsman and Hunting Enthusiast.

Estate Affairs: Firearms

We handle every aspect of Estate Affairs when related to Firearms.

New Mobile App & Member Section

Our New Mobile App is in the process of being developed. You can view your application status, make an appointment and receive notifications on expired licenses


Want to be reminded of your license expiry date? Sign up as an Online Member to Legally Armed!

You will be notified via email and SMS when you reach 120days before your license expire, and much more!

Our New Mobile App

Our new Mobile App will have a range of new features:
Including: Free SMS Reminders, Appointment Booking, Application Tracking, and more

New Features

Free SMS Reminders, Member Admin, Appointment Booking, and more

Make Appointments

Contact your nearest branch to make an online appointment and receive reminders to not miss it!

On the move?

Find the nearest Legally Armed branch closet to your current location. We have you covered!

SMS Reminders

Upload your firearm license details and get reminder to renew. Avoid disappointment!

Where's my License

You will be able to track your progress from the SAPS. Fill in your details and see what's happening

Insure my Firearms

Worried that it might get damaged on your hunting trip. Pease of mind with our bespoke insurance packages!


What our happy clients have to say about our services!

On November 2021, my wife had her application for the renewal of her firearm license for self-defense (Section 13 of the Firearms Control Act) declined by the SAPS. Their reason for having the application for renewal declined was that she had provided insufficient reasons and motivation for them to approve of the renewal. We approached Legally Armed, paid them the stipulated fees, which was affordable bearing in mind the hours and days spent in gathering all the necessary legal documents for the application to be send to the Appeals Board at the CFR in Pretoria. Two and a half months later the appeal was successful, and my wife had her firearm license issued to her. I want to reiterate that it is imperative to deal with firearm related issues through Legally Armed, whether it is a first application, renewal or any matter whatsoever related to firearms as they clearly demonstrated their ability to deal with, and successfully at that, the intricacies of the law pertaining to firearms. I, without a doubt, recommend anybody make use of their services as they are at the forefront of fighting for every law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. A special thank you to Michael Steyn and Johan Martin for tirelessly working in assisting my wife and for providing all the necessary legal expertise with her successful appeal. Also, a big thank you to Legally Armed in ensuring that our rights as citizens to protect and defend ourselves, our families and our property are not infringed upon. I commend Legally Armed for their professionalism, integrity, honesty and above all, their tenacious perseverance and persistency in turning a predicament into a favorable outcome. They are fighting the good fight for us ALL. Best wishes to them.

Fritz - Still Bay Legally Armed.
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