Services Rendered by Legally Armed

Assisted by Martin & De Beer Inc. Attorneys

COMPETENCY CERTIFICATES (*issued by the police to-)

  • Individuals
  • Collectors
  • With previous conviction/s
  • Renewals
  • Further competency
  • Dealers, manufacturers and gunsmiths

NEW LICENSES (*include for additional licenses)

  • Section 13 Self-Defence
  • Section 14 Restricted Firearm for Self-Defence
  • Section 15 Occasional- Hunting & Sportshooting
  • Section 16 Dedicated Hunting & Sportshooting
  • Section 16A Professional Hunter
  • Section 17 Private Collector

APPLICATIONS FOR BUSINESSES LICENSES (*"Responsible person" must have relevant competency certificate. Include security companies & entities formally accredited with CFR - see "ACCREDITATIONS FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES")

  • New licenses
  • Renewals
  • Dealers, manufacturers and gunsmiths

APPLICATION FOR IMPORTS- / EXPORT PERMITS & TRANSPORTER'S PERMITS (*Firearms stipulated on permanent import permit must normally be licensed within 1 year of entry into SA.)

  • Individuals
  • Foreigners - need not possess a competence certificate
  • For business purposes - include dealers, manufacturers & gunsmith (on other premises as those specified on license)

ACCREDITATIONS FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES (*"Responsible person" must have relevant competency certificate)

  • Public collector
  • Museum
  • Hunting association, Sports-shooting organisation Collectors association
  • Shooting range
  • Training providers in the use of firearms
  • Provide firearms for use in theatrical, film or television productions
  • Game rancher
  • Conduct business in hunting as PH
  • Official institution
  • Other business purposes (several different options and depends on main object of the business, such as in-house security, anti-poaching, etc.)

  • Refusals in general
  • Previous convictions
  • Unfit declaration of police trial (procedural)
  • Upliftment of unfitness declaration

  • Process wherein SAPS attempt to declare a firearm owner unfit to possess a firearm/s i.t.o Sect. 102 investigation, by submitting representations to the police Legal Section to stop proceedings / or attend the tribunal proceedings
  • Drafting affidavit/s & representation on behalf of an accused who has been charged criminally for a contravention of the Act
  • Litigation in damages claims - for example illegal arrests and detention where the matter is Act related
  • Assistance with applications to apply for further / additional state documents i.t.o the PAJA- and PAI
  • Drafting of legal opinions